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Green Tea Energy Shots

A World of ENERJI

Combine one part energy and one part ji (the Hindi word for respect) and you get the force of nature known as ENERJI™ Green Tea Energy Shots. These delicious single-serve shots provide a fast and flavorful way to get the energy you want from all-natural ingredients you can trust. Because when you have the focus to respect your mind, body and everything around you, your natural best isn’t far behind.

The Power of Green Tea

The herbal tea and beverage experts at Celestial Seasonings® have harnessed the proven power of green tea to provide natural energy boosters with truly extraordinary results. Each serving provides between 100 and 150mg of all-natural caffeine from green tea for a fast, effective energy alternative.

  • Natural energy from authentic green tea and green tea extract
  • Energizing ingredients including B-vitamins (B6, B5 and B12) and ginseng
  • Delicious natural fruit flavors