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Ethical Trade Ingredient Sourcing

Because we believe that the best ingredients come from the best farming and sourcing practices, and because our founding principle is to always do business the right way, we purchase each of our core botanical ingredients in accordance with our Ethical Trade philosophy.
Straight from the Source
Each of our signature botanical ingredients (including chamomile, spearmint and peppermint, lemongrass, hibiscus and many others) is purchased directly from the farmers and communities that grow them. Going “straight to the source” allows our botanicals purchasers to personally select only the highest-quality ingredients, and also means that more of the benefits of agricultural production stay within the local communities that grow our ingredients.
Long Term Relationships
Many of our ingredient suppliers have been part of the Celestial Seasonings family for more than 30 years – and they’ve grown as we’ve grown. By returning to the same farming families and communities year after year for our core ingredients, we provide our farming partners with the stability of a guaranteed market for their crops in the years to come. Long-term relationships also ensure a consistent, reliable and high-quality source for our most important botanicals.
Sustainable Agriculture
Our Ethical Trade partners use their expertise to produce the highest quality botanical ingredients while also being responsible stewards of the land. They choose to meet our strict standards for purity, quality and consistency by using sustainable agricultural practices that are better for the land, produce better ingredients and result in better teas. In addition, Celestial Seasonings does not use GMO ingredients in any of its teas, and our parent company, Hain Celestial, supports mandatory labeling requirements for products that do contain GMOs. 
Passionate Experts
Quality ingredients are important, but we also rely on a team of quality people to make our delicious, all-natural teas. Many of our key Research and Development employees have each been with the company for almost 40 years and are recognized as experts in their fields – ensuring that every cup of Celestial Seasonings tea meets or exceeds our rigorous standards.
From our Senior Blendmaster, who tastes each batch of tea to make sure it’s just right, to our globetrotting botanicals purchasers, who have spent decades traveling the world finding the best herbs, teas and spices and discovering exciting new ingredients, these passionate experts – and many more just like them – personally ensure that the world's best ingredients come together perfectly every time to create the world's best teas.