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From the Beginning: Our History of Social Responsibility

Celestial Seasonings was founded in 1969 by a visionary group of young entrepreneurs with an ambitious goal: to make the world a better place by sharing their knowledge of the health benefits of herbs. They were determined to find success while making their new company "an example that business can work in peace and harmony with the planet."
Forty years have passed, and Celestial Seasonings remains true to our founders' mission to consistently provide, in their words, "superior products" that help people live healthier lives, while still maintaining "high ideals" like farmer-friendly trading practices and the use of sustainable materials. 
Our ingredients come from all over the world these days, but our all-natural teas have always been created in our hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Our passionate employees formulate the recipes, blend the ingredients, design the boxes and package the tea – just like when our founders dried handpicked herbs in a Boulder barn.
Our commitment to authenticity has made us one of the largest Specialty Tea manufacturers in the North America, serving more than 1.6 billion cups per year, and one of our very first blends – Sleepytime – is still the most beloved herbal tea in the world. We know that our success is due to the millions of tea enthusiasts who share our belief in the truly original blend of "superior products" and "high ideals" that those young entrepreneurs began more than four decades ago.