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Chai Tea

Chai tea’s origins are mysterious, but most agree that this spicy-sweet tea traces back thousands of years to India and surrounding regions. It’s thought that chai was originally the drink of royalty, and was used as an herbal remedy during the Ayurvedic period. This specialty tea type offers a number of different flavor profiles depending on where it’s enjoyed. For example, residents of northern India prefer a sweeter chai, while incarnations from southern India (known as masala chai) feature a spicier profile. Chai teas combine tea leaves with a variety of different spices. Some of the most common spices include:

  • Cinnamon – with an unmistakable sweet and spicy flavor

  • Cardamom – with a lively mild pepper taste

  • Star anise – the seed of an Asian evergreen with a licorice-like flavor

Chai tea lattes are a combination of brewed chai and steamed milk, as made popular in coffee houses years ago when this exotic tea drink crossed over to mainstream.

Celestial Seasonings Chai Teas

Whether you’re looking for grab-and-go refreshment or for chai tea bags to stock your pantry, Celestial Seasonings offers you a variety of chai tea flavor profiles. Our assortment of specially crafted chai teas includes bagged teas and chai concentrates to blend with your choice of milk at home.

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