Soothing. With Every Sip.

Here's a special deal on Celestial Seasonings Wellness Teas you can feel really good about!

Whether you want to maintain your immune system, support healthy metabolism or just get a dose of antioxidants our wellness teas are a great way to naturally support your body's defenses and maintain a healthy balance every day.*

  • Seasonal Discomforts. Help relieve seasonal discomforts like sore throat, sinus, cold and flu symptoms and more.*
  • Everyday Wellness. Support your daily well being with all-natural teas that help detox your systems, support healthy metabolism and more.*
  • Symptom Specific Teas. Ease discomfort with delicious teas that help with digestion and relaxation.*

Cold & Flu Season Soothers

Everyday Wellness Blends

Symptom-Specific Teas

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