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Lemongrass from Del Cielo Farms, Guatemala

The lively flavor of lemongrass is key to the signature tastes of many Celestial Seasonings teas – from rejuvenating Lemon Zinger® to relaxing Sleepytime®. For more than 35 years, we’ve sourced most of our lemongrass from Del Cielo Farms of Guatemala. Del Cielo shares our founding mission of doing business the right way by combining high-quality, sustainably produced products with responsible global citizenship.

Back in 1975, when Celestial Seasonings first came to Guatemala in search of the world’s best lemongrass, Del Cielo’s founders still operated a small and very traditional agricultural practice on 30 rented acres. But the seeds of a long-term partnership were clearly present. “From a business point of view, they (Celestial Seasonings) knew exactly what they wanted in Guatemala,” recalls Sam Darling, President of Del Cielo. “They wanted the best herbs they could get. But they also knew that if profits from our herb farm were invested in the pueblo, and if those investments led to human and environmental improvements, then everyone could benefit in the end.”

For almost four decades now, everyone has benefitted. Del Cielo has more than doubled their acreage and now produces lemongrass on 60 sustainably farmed acres. In addition to supporting local communities in Guatemala, Del Cielo has also created a public health initiative that helps reduce malaria and other illnesses around the world. And Celestial Seasonings has a reliable, long-term source for some of the world’s best lemongrass. Our partnerships with Del Cielo and many other farms and communities around the world allow us to make delicious teas that are good for you and good for the world.

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